maybe I should try riding my bike

I am fat
I look in the mirror... and I am fat
I get on the bike... and I am fat
I am fat

Yahoo has an article on the Top Six Calorie Burning Workouts

2. Biking: 700 calories per hour
You can burn up to 700 calories at your average cycling class or take to the road on your own to enjoy fresh air to boot! Just make sure you keep a pace of about 14 to 16 miles per hour to reach the 700-calorie goal.

running is also on the list
I think I need to do some running and some riding
because I am fat

some SPIN MIXES... I have not seen what format they are in... I just saw the black and white image of a kid on a bike

got that cover art from here... all their cover art is of the same flavor

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michael medina said...

Just so you know, I got fat (+60lbs), then I tried to get thin. It took me just a few months to lose that 60. Then I gained back 20. Then I tried to get fit and it's taken me 7 months to lose 13lbs, still have 10ish to go and I just don't think I can do it at my age, especially since it's going so slow now, I'll probably die before I can get to my racing weight.