Razor Scooters... I am not a fan of the Razor Scooter

Razor Scooters...
the kids love them
personally... I do not care for them

the scooter lacks the sport potential of the skateboard
the kids love the scooter... but it is more a toy than a transportation device or a piece or athletic equipment
yet the kids use them just the same

yesterday when headed home from our morning loop on the bikes there was a number of toys set on the sidewalk
not near a house
not near a trash can
no note...
but apparently there for the taking

there were a number of Super Soaker style water guns and a few Razor Scooters
we tossed the water guns in the wheel barrow and left the scooters behind

that evening there was an "alley party"
an alley party with a water gun fight
Dean was shirtless during the water fight... kids changed into dry clothes then returned to get wet again
warm enough for a water fight in February?

this morning when the boys left off for Karate with the neighbors from down the block they took the Razor Scooters...
I was bummed that we did not snag the Razor Scooters that were being offered up
as they were in better condition than our fleet of scooters

just because I am not into the Razor Scooter does not mean that it is not part of the kids' routine
my having taken the scooters out of the cluttered garage made them front and center and available for use
they took off like a gang of kids in a Spielberg movie

all in a rush to get to Karate on time

when three of the boys looped back to retrieve the fourth child who was stranded as I raised the handlebars and straighten the steering I was pleased to see young Dean pull an air
it was clean straight and high... and landed solidly
yet... I still wish that it was a skateboard


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