vanity press
self published books
this is the modern world

the potential to be a writer, photographer, or musician all from your laptop or desktop
the capacity of the computer is never ending
we can not even scratch the surface of what can be done with these devices
yes... there is more to the computer than downloading porn

for a long while I have been wanting to self publish a photo book
I feel as if I owe it to the library of photographs to do more with them than to let them get lost in cyberspace and to be forgotten with each upgrade of each hard drive

earlier this year I worked to try and organize my images
which was a chore on its own
then I tried to create a few books
which with the help of the software at BLURB DOT COM I did

but... somewhere along the way I lost momentum


I made no changes to the current drafts
the books are as they were several months ago
I did not do so much as glance at them

instead... I sent them off to BLURB for printing
not for printing and sale
but to be print so that I can take a glance at what I have thus far

going on the notion that the books do not need to be perfect
the books just need to be done

I have thousands of images... literally thousands of images
rather than seeking to make one perfect book
I will stick with the GWADZILLA WAY and go for quantity over quality

BOOKS BOOKS and then


what are your top five favorite photos from the GWADZILLA PAGE?

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