SMASH! SMASH in Georgetown!

SMASH in Georgetown back in the (almost said "day") 80's

SMASH now in Adams Morgan

I do not know what night life is like in Georgetown now...
but I do have a limited underage perspective of what Georgetown was like back then... when I was in high school... when I was too young to get into bars (without a fake id or a bouncer who was shorter than me)


ever been to Georgetown on Halloween?

well... back in the 1980's weekends in Georgetown were nearly as wild
or almost as crowded on any given weekend night... especially if the weather was pleasant
people would go to Georgetown and the sidewalks would be mobbed
Wisconsin and M Street's sidewalks were over flowing with people
many of which were not going to the bars or restaurants but just milling about

then there were little nooks where people would hang out
places other than the long list of bars

The Roy Rogers that is now Restoration Hardware was a favorite hang out for many a "punk rocker"
the Exorcist Stairs was a place for underage kids to smoke cigarettes and drink 40's... it was cool for the kids to smoke back then
then also "the canal" down by the canal under the bridge was a popular "punk" gathering place

I would go downtown with my friends and our skateboards
we would walk the loop down M Street... up Wisconsin.... down M Street
often skateboarding on the street avoiding the cattle call feel to it all
then go down to the brick quarter pipes down by the canal

we would skate the quarter pipes until someone would shout down from their apartment to leave
often threatening to call the cops
eventually they put a raised brick to eliminate our skateboard fun

there was often some falafel or fries from Fast Fatoosh
or a slice of pizza from Icarus
often our Georgetown visits did not involve beer or alcohol
although I collected records... this was not a time to shop

it was lightly social
but it was really just something to do
something to do when there was not a show at one of he many community centers
or even a high school dance

that is enough for now...
I really just wanted to share those images of SMASH in Georgetown
one shot of the interior and one shot of the exterior
from SMASH at its first Georgetown incarnation
after Spot Light Records in the Air Rights building in Georgetown

that first photo looks like it is from Cuba!
while that second photo tells some interesting stories as well

the DC drinking age was 18 when I was growing up
as we approached 18 we wanted to go out dancing at various clubs; Carmichael's, Whispers, and Cagney's whatever... maybe even Poseur's although I tended to avoid it by its name and its scene until I was a little older
we were into the music and dancing
looking back... I am thinking that they knew we were underage and let us in because it was good for the club to have people on the dance floor

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chloƩ said...

what a great post. the hours i spent hanging out at smash are some of my greatest memories from growing up in dc. im glad theyre still around and i sure as hell miss the georgetown location.