Fort Dupont... Fort Circle

Fort Dupont...
the only legal mountain biking in The District

honestly... if I have to put my bike on the car... Fort Dupont is hardly a justifiable destination
another 15 minutes I could be at Rosaryville
or maybe Wakefield or even Laurel Hill
Fountainhead or Schaffer would just be a tad further

if I am going to do the mini-Epic where I ride to the trails... hit some dirt... then ride home
again... Fort Dupont may not have the terrain to justify the effort
I have ridden to the Cabin John Trails just outside the beltway a few times
again... a more justifiable effort

a few years back IMBA and MORE had considering "developing" the trails of Fort Dupont
somehow that discussion stopped short of action
it may be time to re-open that discussion

make these trails worth visiting...
make these trails worth riding for the local population
add a pump track... then we may have a reason to drive there!

Fort Dupont on OPEN STREET MAP by Darren of DCMTB



Will Handsfield said...

Yo, I just rode a Capital BikeShare on that trail about four weeks ago with one of my buddies (who happens to work at Rails to Trails no less). Using those bikes makes it a reasonable challenge since they weigh 44 lbs, and with no top tube are a bear to lift over downed logs. I'd be game to do it again if folks are interested, but we did end up paying about $3 worth of fees since some of the segments are pretty far between CaBi stations.

gwadzilla said...

well... that is not what those bikes are designed for

shocked that the Rails to Trails guy was not adverse to the use of that bike on that trail

the same would go for using the Bike Share bikes in Colorado on the natural surface trails there

sort of like using cross country skies going downhill skiing!