I am not funny enough to do this...

this "flyer" is amazing!
or would it be considered a "posted bill?"
it is currently traveling about electronically
which makes it even that much more funny!

before the World Wide Web and its awesome Internet there was word of mouth
along word of mouth there was the posting of bills or flyers

these were some of the key ways of passing information
there was not much more

we learned about Mikie dying by mixing Pop Rocks and Coca Cola the same way we learned that Bubble Yum had spider eggs... word of mouth
and we learned about Punk shows (or DC Hardcore shows) via the pasted or stapled flyers that would be on telephone poles

in any case...
this is a very funny image
the notion of printing it out and hanging it around the neighborhood is even more funny
now... to print it out and hang it around the neighborhood and then film it with a hidden camera
well... that would be amazing

anyone have a camera with a motion detector?
I wanna see this happen
I am not gonna do it
but I would love to see it happen

if you do not get it
this will better explain this

one question...
is he a high school music teacher?
if so... a very different approach to the issue than Sting and the Police's Don't Stand So Close to Me

that Lionel Richie video is pre-caller ide... even pre STAR 69
I listened to the whole thing... but went back and forth between this post and watching
I saw that video enough times as a teen... but all I really remembered was the "hook" the "twist"
the artistic punch line

is it flyer or flier
spell check is saying flier
but the flyer is pre-electronic spell check

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