just called the Dean of Students at Gonzaga... again

a few weeks back I had an incident where I was harassed by a car filled with students from Gonzaga High School here in Washington, DC

I called the Dean of students and left a message... I got no response

today... I took a second and called the Dean of Students at Gonzaga High School and left a message again

will I get a response?
more importantly... will the Dean of Students make an effort to "curb" this sort of behavior from their students

here is my post about my incident with the car driven by the Gonzaga students

and then this...
have you seen the video from the Brazilian Critical Mass?
well... you should... then maybe you will better understand the vulnerability that a cyclist feels when they are victims of aggression by a car
you will then better understand why aggressive driving should be discussed before it spirals out of control

Brazilian Critical Mass Ride experiences tragedy as an agitated driver goes insane and drives through the cyclists at high speed... a MUST WATCH for all cyclists

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Anna said...

The Howard County Police Department gave a great presentation at the MD Bike Symposium. They mentioned their willingness to talk with other police departments on how they handle aggressive driver reports from cyclists. Might be a good resource.