The Meatmen... Tesco Vee and The Meatmen!

The Meatmen...
Tesco Vee and the Meatmen

Tesco Vee and his combination of Punk Rock and comedy
it was really a show like no other show

I can remember one year The Meatmen played at The Wilson Center on the same night as my high school Homecoming Dance at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School

which one had the smoke machine?
which one did I go to?
which one did I not need a date for?
which one was five bucks... which one was forty?

The Meatmen: War of the Superbikes may have been my favorite release
by The Meatmen
a little more polish to the production
yet still RAW and POWERFUL
melodic and comedic while carrying intensity and energy
what was there not to love!

I have no idea who Shilpa Ray the Good Time Girl is
and honestly... I would doubt that she has any idea who Tesco Vee or the Meatmen are either
but... in The New York Times Magazine there is an image of this Shilpa Ray character
and she is wearing a Were the Meatmen and You Suck t-shirt

a review of War of the Superbikes

reminiscent of Kristin Stewart in a Minor Threat Out of Step T-Shirt

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Chris said...

hey foo

Shilpa does indeed know the Meatmen. you should take a listen to her music. Maybe then you'd figure out why both Patti Smith and Nick Cave have invited her to open for them.