the MOCO Epic...

I did not participate in the MOCO Epic last year...
but I heard from so many people that it was AWESOME!

currently there is a discussion on the MORE FORUM about the MOCO Epic and the notion of there being an official "race promoter" who gets compensated for their effort

read on if interested

I have no dog in this fight...
but I will say this
Shenandoah Mountain Touring... Granny Gear Productions... and EX2 Adventures are all businesses
in addition to having paid staff
each of these race promotion companies also take on a long list of volunteers

enough on this by me...


sean said...


SusanK said...

I have no access to MORE's forum - Michael might but I try to keep our opinions separate:) so i can't read what's going on. And as someone who volunteered for the event - which was f'ing fantastic - I want to see if there is anything I can do to support Dennis.

Rob said...

I guess the basic issue is 2 parts:

1 - Previous club precedent was that club volunteers can't make money in relation to a club activity (grants, training classes, etc).

2 - Club Event (Using MORE to apply for the permits, using MORE insurance, using MORE for 501c3 so that local sponsors donate support) versus Dennis doing it as Z Adventures Race. He would have to secure his own insurance, donated stuff would go away in a large amount probably, permits might not go thru all parks possibly.

Possible Impact - Less freebee's support in terms of powerbars, after event etc, without possibly having event cost say double. From what I've heard from a friend who does promote out west his stuff he's averaging about $10 bucks a person in his races in insurance cost. Now admitted that's a race, not a ride. As a ride it would probably be cheaper.

I think it is a cool event. And good for the club. And I understand his reasoning. However I also point out as other MUCH bigger events Douthat (100x3), Stokesville (2-300x3), and other events done all by volunteers for years.