last weekend my older son had his first soccer game on his new team...

their game was canceled and then rescheduled
rain had grass fields in Montgomery County closed
so we got rescheduled to a closer field that is turf
win win

I was finishing up coaching my younger son's game just about when this game was starting
when I arrived I was excited to see that Lisa and Dean had ridden their bikes to the game
when I arrived it was storming an icy wintry mix
Lisa rushed to my heated car to hang out with our younger son Grant who had no interest in standing on the sidelines in the rain

I grabbed my umbrella and got out to cheer from the sidelines
when I got there I saw that the coach on the other team was a friend of mine from childhood
we grew up around the corner from each other and went to the same high school
he was a much better soccer player than me
yet I knew him from soccer as well as school

one time after a summer afternoon of playing soccer at Sidwell Friends school with the would be B-CC varsity players we were all hanging out in the lawn of the guy who lived across the street from me

there was some talk
I had played JV the year prior and was on the fence on trying out for varsity
in hindsight it was cool how supportive some of these superior players were being
telling me that I was looking good and that I should give it a shot
but I knew I would not try out... I feared that it was too much of an investment and too much of a risk of humiliation
after all... I had not seen much playing time as a Junior on JV... I did not see how I would transition to varsity

we were all hanging out doing little or nothing talking about little or nothing when this same guy
they guy who was a soccer goalie on the B-CC team and the coach of the opposing team from last week made mention of my hair
I had not noticed... but my self sculpted hair was starting to get long in the back
he thought it looked good... I had not noticed... but I was starting to get a little hockey hair thing going

literally... a moment after his compliment I said hold on... then ran across the street and into my house
grabbed my clippers and shaved the longer locks off the back

the incidental accidental mullet is still a mullet

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