I think that East West Highway should have a Street Car or Light Rail down the center

The Purple Line
WABA believes that "The Purple Line is GOOD for the Capital Crescent Trail"

is the placement of the Purple Line on the current CCT the only and best option?
what about putting this light rail line down East West Highway aka 410?

East West Highway moves like a HIGHWAY!

when actually... the Speed Limit is not set to highway speed
even if people roll that way

someone take the measurements...
is this road wide enough to put a "light rail" or streetcar down the middle?
the more narrow roadway would slow traffic to a rational level
and the light rail or streetcar would have a more direct route and potential more rational stopping points

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Rob said...

I actually think for the bethesda thru Silver spring portion this isn't a bad idea at all.

Outwest in the southbay light rail is like that thru some neighborhoods and thru large corporate area's. Unfortunately I think if they went with this option they would have to redo large sections of E-W HWY and remove a lot of the nice trees that border it. But if I could take light rail from EW hwy into downtown Bethesda to catch redline that way, it would be awesome.