this is Karol... that is Charles in Polish
I asked Karol how to say... "I like your bicycle." in Polish
when I should have asked... "can you tell me how to use this camera?"

the transition from my Canon to the Nikon is proving to be slow
I need to get more into playing with the controls... not liking my low light results!

Karol was not judgmental of my inability to speak Polish
his English was flawless
in our short exchange we spoke about some of my favorite things; bikes and camera
Karol is a professional studio photographer in advertising but also shoots as a hobby

Karol Chmurkowski Photography

Karol told me that there will be an "urban cyclocross race" at 4 PM Saturday

hopefully in stronger light I am able to get some more dynamic images of the bicycle culture that is passing in front of my camera while in Poland

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gwadzilla said...

how was the race?
I wandered in what I thought was that basic direction

but found nothing