listening to Steel Pulse

the song Roller Skates by Steel Pulse is a classic
it rolls out like a story
fantastic imagery
I feel it would make a great kids'' book
what is the legality on that?

unofficial video for Steel Pulse Roller Skates
(I have not watched it yet, it is playing in the background)

Earth Crisis... the entire album is awesome
definitely one of the top ten Reggae albums of all time

what are your favorite reggae albums of all time?

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libertyonbikes! said...

you could do an entire post on that question....

the late 80's training wheels albums were obviously BMW's Babylon by Bus, and oddly UB40's live in Russia. Live albums seem to capture the energy.

That lead to many, many more albums. For the few years of the late 80's & early 90's when Sunsplash actually toured the US and introduced me to Steel Pulse, AND RAS Records (DC!) was in full swing.

Still favorites are Burning Spear "Live in Paris" and Lucky Dube with his insane falsetto in "Captured Live".