London's Bike Share...

Four Reasons Why London's Bike Share Works!

What about Capital Bike Share?
is DC's (and the surrounding area) Capital Bike Share working?
What is the Capital Bike Share system missing?
What would make the Capital Bike Share system better?

is there a communication with the CaBi users asking what they need?
what is working? what is failing?

the other day I had to go to Bethesda
my car was at the service center... Capital Bike Share would have been a great option
if there were Capital Bike Share as far north as Bethesda

instead... I took my own bike... which was fine
but the trip could have been different

at a glance I would say that YES... Capital Bike Share is working
but like anything in this world... as good as it may be... it can always be better!

where is Wilkes-Barre?
sounds like a law firm... but they are getting bike share
I got distracted by the Mug Shots of the Rich and Famous... which told me who Snooki is... I did not know who she was... I just knew that she was the next Republican candidate for president

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