May 21st... should I pack?

this whole May 21st Judgment Day is a tad alarming...
if you really believe this
what do you do in the days, weeks, months leading up to this?
well... other than go to confession and pretend you were that good all along

do you run up your credit card bills?
ignore paying your mortgage?


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D A N O said...

There's a billboard in my town telling us its over.
What the hell are they going to do on the 22nd?

gwadzilla said...

I saw something on a bus... I hope METRO was smart enough to get the money up front!
oh... and I have received some emails... which intrigues me... if I believed that the end of the world was month's away
I would pull the kids out of school and live a little

why have the kids preparing for a future that will never happen?

me... I am trying to decide if I have the time to drop the kids off at school with their bikes tomorrow