a package came in the mail...

Ergon Bike Ergonomics

Egon Backpacks: BC3

ah... a package arrived in the mail while I was away with the family over Spring Break
this package had my name on it
not many packages arrive with my name on them
which makes the ones that do arrive all that much more exciting

this package... well... I had anticipated the arrival of this package

at the National Bike Summit I met off road machine Dave Wiens
it was nice making the connection
when we parted ways and exchanged matching business cards
Dave said... if you want a set of Ergon Grips drop me an email

well... when I went on the Ergon site I saw these commuter backpacks
so... I emailed Dave and asked if he could hook me up with one of these packs

sorry... I misspelled Dave's last name... but here is a shot of Dave and myself at the National Bike Summit

well... when I got the package I was beyond stoked!
the oversized package from Colorado with the return address with the names of one of the top US woman mountain bikers or all time and one of the greatest off road hundred milers of all time contained a set of grips and two packs!

well... like most gear junkies I was excited to get to try out this new pack
so... when my family drove off to my father's house for an informal Easter celebration I got on the bike
and rather than putting a bag in my wife's car with a change of clothes... I loaded up the Ergon pack with some tools, a spare tube, my camera, and a change of clothes

before putting the pack on I could already see that this pack is not like any pack I have ever owned before
the Ergon pack has it "motion system"

go to the website for a technical explanation
in short... the shoulder straps rotate on an axis moving with the body
while there is a waist strap that puts the majority of the weight on the hips


with the pack on my back and on the bike I started to roll
a few pedal strokes down the alley and I synched down the straps and adjusted the waist strap on my hip bones
there it was... THE SWEET SPOT!
as soon as I got the waist strap right I could feel the effectiveness of this pack design

my ride was not that intense
and the weight of the pack was not so grand
but really... I could feel the effectiveness of this design
my back was breathing and the weight was well distributed
the weight was off my shoulders and back and on my hips

when I arrived I snapped a few shots of the pack... my bike... and my dad's backyard
sure there was some sweat... but that is gonna happen
but there was no soreness to my back... it was as if I had not been wearing a backpack!

when my brother arrived I showed him my new pack
my brother is an avid cyclist and a hardcore commuter
similar to me... he is always ready to see who is out there building the better mouse trap
excited about the pack I had him try it on and try it out
again... the weight was slight
but the basic idea could be achieved through taking the basic riding position on the invisible bic

next test...
the six pack is something that often causes some pain and discomfort on the back
the pack is large enough... in fact I think it could hold two six packs or a six pack, two bottles of wine, and a baggette

we will see how this pack does with a little more weight
my guess...
it will feel as weightless with more weight as it did with slight weight!

Dave... thanks for the Ergon Hook Up!
thanks ERGON for the HOOK UP!
Dave-Have a strong season on the bike! Good Luck at the Whiskey 50 this weekend!

Ergon Bike Ergonomics



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Rob said...

Very cool, can't wait to see a further review in. I'm back to commuting in a bit now that the weathers clearing/warming up a bit and I'm tired of using my old crappy uncomfortable college era backpack.