Sports Tag ID: Just in Case!

Check Out the SportsTagID Web Page!
they have a short film that spreads the message...
crashes happened
having your information readily available on your wrist can be helpful in the time of an emergency
rather than having to have someone try to dig through your jersey pocket...
it is all right there
on your wrist... with all your vital information

ride safe... ride smart...
ride with your contact information readily available "just in case!"


SportsTagID supports Drug Free Cycling by pairing themselves with BIKE PURE!

previous review on the Gwadzilla Page
in that review there was only slight mention of the materials used in the wrist bands
just as the clasps are similar but different
so are the bands themselves
it seems that the Road ID is made of rubber... while the SportsTagID is make of a supple silicone
there is a distinct different feel to each of the wrist bands
the SportsTagID is softer and more supple

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