Sunday's Ride!

Sunday's Ride... Sunday Day.

Friday we were just back from Poland
travel fatigue and jet lag had us feeling lazy
so when Saturday came along...
I had the boys go to Karate in the AM and then not much more

when I asked them what they wanted to do
young Grant was clear... "this is what we want to do!"

there are times when nothing is something
there are times when nothing is enough

I was able to get on the Road Bike in Rock Creek Park
left out the door as the boys went down the block to have breakfast with some of their Karate classmates
was able to sneak in 2 hours on the bike arriving home at pretty much the same time as the boys


this is a decent mantra to live by

especially for moms and dads
as our time is not entirely our own

Saturday started rainy... I left off on the bike rolling in the rain... mid ride the rain stopped... by the time the bike was back in the stable the sky had cleared and it was a beautiful day
a day that was spent pretty much indoors
so... when Sunday arrived... I wanted to offer a little more

Sunday was Easter Sunday
there was a noon meet up time at my dad's house for Easter Egg Hunt and a classic Polish Feast... which would top off our week long adventure that was filled with day upon day of Polish Feasts

Sunday came and the boys were up with the sun
the travel to Poland has really thrown off their schedule
they are up and active by 5am
so... when I got out of bed I knew that I had to get them out of the house before them made me crazy
there seemed to be time for a morning ride before the adventure at my dad's

Lisa cooked up a pancake breakfast as I got bikes and soccer balls ready
I proposed the options... there was the standard objection from my younger son
while there was the usual acceptance from my older son
I gave them options

the options included an assortment of soccer and bike options
we called a few of their friends to increase the size of our trips
but had no luck making contact
it would be the boys and dad

on the bikes we took a short ride to the neighborhood school with its freshly renovated playground
we had the astroturf to ourselves

Grant was not so interested in soccer... he did some heading and passing and a shooting game but then left off for the bike on the track which involved a race between the boys... Dean on foot... Grant on bike
Dean and I played soccer enough that I robbed Dean of his ambition for the long bike ride
so... after our time in the school playground we did a short ride around Mount Pleasant into Columbia Heights

it was nice to see the trees turning green and the flowers in bloom
when I got home the boys settled in on a classic game of WAR with the cards
while I suited up and rode to my dad's while the boys would get in the car a few minutes later and drive across town

good to get on the bike
good to get the boys on the bike

the gathering at my dad's was festive
there were eggs to hunt and much food to be eaten
a day well spent
luckily I had the ride home to try and burn off some of the calories consumed at the Easter Feast!

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