you were great in The Wizard of Oz

yesterday on our walk around the city of Krakow I was half listening to our tour guide while the camera and ADD stole the other half of my brain to try and capture each and every bicycle that passed in front of me

when I saw this vintage Bakfiet I wanted to get a good shot

if you are in front of my camera... you are in my shot
this was a humorous little exchange

as I tried to get a shot of this sidewalk salesman and his cargo rig I had a short exchange with the man in the cultural garb
I anticipated his angle
it was clear that he wanted money to have his photo taken
so... before he could be overly obnoxious to me I was curt with him

"if you do not want to be in my shot... then get out of my way. I am trying to get a shot of this bicycle."

the man stormed off a bit agitate
or so my older son told me... really... I was not so concerned... as I do not believe that people can make such strong demands without a formal agreement before hand
I try to be respectful of people's desire to not have their photo taken
but if you are aggressive or disrespectful to me... well... I will throw it right back at ya

there was some irony to this situation

this man wanted money for the shot
yet he approached a person selling matches with the intent of borrowing a lighter to ignite his cigarette

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