bicycle accident in Rock Creek Park

sections of Rock Creek Park close on weekends and holidays...
these sections of closed roads can attract an assortment of recreational activities... walkers, runners, dog walkers... don't stop there... roller skaters, skate boarders, and inline skates... and of course... bicycles and whatever else you can think of

there are hundreds of cyclists that attack this section of closed road in Rock Creek Park all at varying intensities with different skill

each of these groups can then be split off into various age groups... from very young to very old
then these groups can also be split into a wide spectrum of skill levels

throw this all together... and what do you get?
chaos... total chaos and potential danger

add in that the roads that are "closed to through traffic" are still open to car traffic heading to the picnic groves
which means... there are usually a few speeding cars... some of which are lost... others are rushing to get to the picnic on time

it is not clear to me what happened here
all I know is I got a warning from another cyclist coming downhill while I pedaled up hill that there was a rider down ahead
when I approached the crest of the hill I rode wide around the cluster of people
seeing a rider on the pavement in the fetal position pretty much in the gap of the gate where people enter and exit the section of closed path

I tried to imagine what had happened... but there were not enough variables to help me piece it together

there were all sorts of people on the scene... runners and cyclists gathered around the crashed rider
just the same I gave a shout, "Have you made a call to get help?"
a woman in full cycling gear, helmet still on her head, gave me the thumbs up and a smile
feeling that there was nothing for me to contribute I focused my attention forward

as I pedaled the remaining miles leading to my father's house in Bethesda where we would be celebrating an assortment of family May birthdays I tried to think about the dangers of cycling
but really... you can only be so careful
too much care and too much concern can be irrational and crippling
I just tried to remember to stay focuses and to try and not do anything too stupid

hopefully this person heals up quickly


live your life exhibiting common sense and common courtesy
"accidents" are less likely to happen if people are paying attention and are aware of the variables around them

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