bicycle helmets and kids...

in our house there is a simple rule... "NO HELMET... NO BIKE"
the rule has been in effect for so long that there has never been an argument or even a discussion
it is just the way it is
then again... my boys are each many years before being teenagers
although my seven year old is sometimes teenager defiant

my kids always wear helmets
on the bike... on the skies... on the ice skates... on the seldom ridden skateboard
even sledding... the kids wear helmets when we go sledding

but what helmet makes the most sense for kids?
I would love someone to send me some helmets for my kids
a little R&D of what makes most sense

I am thinking that the bmx-skateboard multipurpose helmet makes more sense than the classic styrofoam cyclist style helmet

yes... weight and breathability?
but what makes the most sense for the types of crashes and the frequency of crashes that they may encounter

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