Capital Bike Share and iPhone technology...

ye ha!
the iPhone and its photo potential is far beyond what phones and smart phones were capable just a few years ago
in fact... the iPhone takes better photos than many stand alone point and shoots of just a few years back
the iPhone snaps some solid shots
toss in the various APPS and there is much photo potential

I am a big fan of Instagram
INSTAGRAM may be my favorite APP for the iPhone

having spaced on the SD Card for my Canon G10 I was forced to fall back on my iPhone for any photo opportunities when stepped out to grab my lunch

in the short multiblock walk that took me to my bank, Subway Subs, and then back to work there were a number of good photo opportunities



snapped some shots of the Capital Bike Share repair crew doing their bike share repair thing
also got a few shots of Cargo Mike and his Cargo Bike and a few others that passed in front of my camera

I totally dig the CaBi program and its effect on the city and the cycling culture!

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