City Bikes to South America

yesterday morning...
Wednesday morning as I rode directly into work in the rain I saw an interesting site

as I rolled down and made the turn off Columbia Road onto 18th Street headed through Adams Morgan toward Dupont Circle I saw two riders heavily loaded down with panniers

it was clear they were going somewhere...
I asked the textbook question, "are you guys running away from home."
one of the riders responded, "yes... we are headed to South America!"


South America... that is interesting... I looped back... rolled up along side of them... and gave the basic introduction that includes that I keep a bicycle blog along with the request to take their photo

not wanting to run late for the job that laid me off last spring but gives me occasional work only for less money, no 401K, and no benefits I tried to w
ork fast

into my bag and out
comes the Canon G10...
camera on...

riders in the view finder...
small words at the top of the display screen


still rushing... still talking... riders still not on the curb in position in front of the church where I want them
I have my iPhone in hand and am toggling back and forth between the basic iPhone camera and Instagram
shots are being taken... images are being loaded instantly to the web... information is being exchanged... "that is GWADZILLA... with a"G" and then no... that is a "Z" the number "8" etc.. etc... etc..." as I try to give them my email so that I can send them these photos from DAY ONE

it was a quick exchange without much real detailed information
never got their names... ages... whether they are from DC or just using DC as a starting point
really... not much time for a full exchange
just snapping a few photos and relaying my email address

all I really learn is that this is DAY ONE of a bicycle tour from Washington, DC to South America


Day One... Rainy and Cold!
I suspect that this couple will experience many cold and rainy days and many hot and dry days.. and maybe some days in between

I ask them if they are going to document the ride... they are... but they have not started... they have a laptop and I assume they have a camera... not sure if they have a video camera
they do not seem so focused on the documentation
so... I start the documentation for them... images from DAY ONE to go on a page that has yet to be created

a page that may or may not become


but no... it is not a live web page yet

maybe they can just make a BLOG or a WORDPRESS PAGE
or a blog page and then also an INSTAGRAM to TUMBLR page
not even a FACEBOOK PAGE?
there is so much technology out there
just as I shot images here and immediately uploaded them... they could streamline some of their docu
mentation with these tech tools of the modern age

oh yea... they are not me... not everyone is from the school of thought that ever second should be photographed and every ride should be blogged about

although I am not sure if they are boyfriend - girlfriend or husband-wife I take the logical leap that they are a couple

being who I am I often say what I feel...

again... the exchange is quick
photos are being shot and information is being shared
questions are being shot out before the last question has been answered

we laugh about the situation in front of them
I think about the difficulty of traveling and the tension that can accompany bicycle touring and I share with them my unsolicited relationship advice

WOW! What an undertaking!
This ride sounds amazing...
this ride could be the glue that keeps these two together or the crowbar that tears these two apart
they laugh... they have heard similar warnings

there is not much time for specifics
I am curious why they are headed north when South America is to the south
they say they are headed to City Bikes... oh...
I guess they need some last minute supplies... again... no time for the details
not sure what they have forgotten that is slowing their momentum towards the south

I snap one set of shots of them before they go to City Bikes in Adams Morgan
she gets a hug... he gets a hand shake
I rush back to my bag and my bike promising to send them the images in response to the email that was just sent to me from one of the rider's Blackberry devices

images that will hopefully be part of their story...

those details may appear online...
but... they are not trying to get "bogged down" with too much
I would think a daily blog post and a 5 Photos a day minimum would make sense
there have to be five water breaks... five beautiful vistas... five bicycle adjustments a day... each of which could be a quick opportunity to snap a photo

then of course... time lapse photography for sections could be awesome as well
enough on this... this is their tour... this is their trip... this is their experience...
they can document it as they see fit

Day One has passed... I wonder how it went?
if they had a live web presence I could find that answer

www.wearenotthereyet.com is also www.wehavenotcreatedawebpresenceforourtouryet.com

City Bikes


Raphael said...

Hey Joel!

Day 1 went great. Pretty easy riding out of DC, although after the Mount Vernon trail we started riding the 1, which we took for 2 days. That sucked.

Today is Day 3, and we're going to take a much more winding approach that should be more enjoyable as well.

All of your advice about our web presence has been noted and we'll do our very best to live up to those expectations. We've got a web developer who is working on the website with us. Our goal is to make food with locals in every city that we go to, and then post those recipes online, so this'll be a travel/foodie blog.

In any case, the website name (which should be launched in around a week or so) is different from what you wrote. It's www.werenotthereyet.com as in We're Not There Yet.

Thanks for the photos, and please stay in touch!

gwadzilla said...

let me know when the page is live and I will post a link to it on my page!