Dropped on Mount Pleasant Street

we rode out the alley and up the block

we made a quick stop at Lamont Park
the boys dropped off their bikes

I stayed behind

each of the boys were given roughly a buck fifty
this was my estimate for enough money for two doughnuts

before sending them off I pointed them to the crosswalk
instructions were given... "stay together as a group... no one get killed"

with maybe some more specific instructions in between

while the boys got the doughnuts I hung back
watched our bikes and the passing bikes

people heading out and returning on Capital Bikeshare Bikes

all sorts of people in cycling kits on road bikes coming back into town after their morning ride

it was threatening to rain

the boys came back with multiple bags
magically I gave them the exact amount for what turned out to be six doughnuts and two very large cookies with icing

oh... gumball machine

since there were a few boys with mouths full of gum balls I suggested that we move forward to Carter Baron and eat there

when actually I was just trying to beat the rain
trying to get some sort of ride in before the rain came

we started off as it seemed like it was starting to drizzle

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