the family bicycle ride...

the family bicycle ride...
not in our home town
but on a family vacation

good times with the family for sure!

I have so much to say
there is much bitching to do about the cars and the car culture

maybe a glance at my archives will feed your brain

Common Sense and Common Courtesy!

and then this...
each morning I contend with car commuter traffic as I take my kids to work
the cars around us when in our car
and then... the cars around us as we walk to school from where I park a mile away

this morning the boys rode their bikes from the car
my fingers crossed as I walk a block behind them
oh man... people piss me off
people are Idiots or Assholes!

I almost got hit in the crosswalk
how this man did not see me at 6'4" Tall... 230 Pound.... I do not know

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