in the name of Memorial Day

when Pat Tillman died...

well... when Pat Tillman died I did not understand things as I do now
I thought about the money Pat made as a football player
and how he could help if he continued to be a football player while also being war family philanthropist

well... I am not Pat Tillman
no one else is Pat Tillman
Pat Tillman made the choices for Pat Tillman
I was arrogant and naive to question the actions of Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman is a hero!

Pat Tillman instills the meaning of what it means to give to your country
Pat Tillman helps a civilian appreciate better what Memorial Day means

Thanks to all who have served in the US Military
Thanks to all the families who suffered because they had a family member die serving their country

It is Memorial Day Weekend!
Remember those that lost their lives while serving this country

Seven Years After his Death... Pat Tillman

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