Keep Natural Surface Trails Natural

it was a short urban ride
a ride where the journey was the destination
a ride that involved doughnuts and some frisbee... catch and 500

our loop back towards home had us leaving the closed section of Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park and jumping on the bike path that runs along side the creek

there are some natural surface trails that the park calls "social trails"

if given the choice between the natural surface "social trail" and the paved trail
well... there are times and there are people who will select the "social trail" over the paved trail most any time as long as it is dry

a few months back I went to a community meeting about widening the multi-use bike paths in Rock Creek Park
this excited me... change is good!
well... sometimes... sometimes change is bad

which is why so many people vote for stagnation
a vote against change

no... this is not an Obama diatribe

the "social trails" offer a different experience
the "social trails" offer a different feel

some runners, walkers, and hikers prefer the natural surface trails
as well do some bikers
this cast of bikers would fall into that category of bikers

they boys had a blast... and sure they smiled on the road downhill each time
and they certainly would not have repeated that hill three times so they could descend it four!

the boys walked their bikes across the crosswalk then lifted
them onto the sidewalk
one by one each of the boys started at this drop in
I staggered them so that they could approach it with a good "sight line" which would allow for them confidence and control as to how fast they went and where they put their tires

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