a little bitching before I get on the bike and head into work...

ah... the kiss and drop off
traffic exists in so many cases because of that series of people who on each day run a routine that seems harmless enough
yet their actions slow the progress of traffic behind them
that 45 second stop at the neighborhood Metro stop where the car stops in the roadway that is clearly marked NO PARKING and NO STANDING and the husband or wife kisses the driver then gets out and gets on with their day... prancing to the Metro escalator with no concern for their impact on the traffic around them all this while all the cars behind them are forced to stop and lose their momentum only to have to slow, stop, and lose momentum again later down the road when they experience just the same this little drop off effort inhibits flow a combination of hundreds of these each day would explain why people drive in such an obnoxious fashion I try to be patient... but really if this is your every day why not make your drop off somewhere that it does not effect others you could kiss longer!
the person marching to the Metro could walk an extra block rather than selfishly stopping traffic

it is simple... it seems like nothing... but it is these little things that add up to make us all a little late
we would not have to drive as fast if we flowed more smoothly
if people were to eliminate these actions we could all mellow out and arrive on time
now don't get me started on the people whose routes take then through intersections that are clearly marked NO LEFT TURN yet they take this route only to take a LEFT TURN each day the honks of the horns behind them the line of cars behind them that do not make the light none of these things effect that person's trajectory SELFISH! simple and plain these acts are selfish small acts... that impede traffic flow... small acts that if removed from their routine would facilitate flow it is like trash... if a few more people picked up trash and a few less people littered well... their would be less trash on the streets if people were less selfish in their driving behavior their would be less congestion but... let me stop this is the town of ME... everyone is the most important person in the situation so... I should stop this diatribe all I can do is try not to be "that guy"

this rant was inspired by an incident I witnessed this morning
funny... I know the couple
they are nice people... but yes... like so many others... they shrug their shoulders and laugh about such things
I would be insane to mention this to them

yesterday at this same intersection I was in line to take a left turn with a Green Turn Arrow... just ahead of me there was a slow speed fender bender
a parent from my kids' school rear ended the car in front of them that stopped short
although there is the Green Turn Arrow there was a woman in the crosswalk
even if she did not intend to cross in front of the car traffic... her effort caused this driver to stop short
the close following car with a father taking his kids to school did not react in time

they pulled over
I went around them
the pedestrian went along their way
should the pedestrian have at least checked on the car drivers? after all... they did have a contribution to the accident
no... they did not cause it
and yes... I understand that it is the responsibility of following traffic to be alert and aware
but really... this pedestrian could have at least checked on the car drivers
instead she just walked to her Metro stop and waited for her bus

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