this hurts others more than it hurts me... but it is still sad for me

not sure of the details
just read something on the MORE forum about this unexpected death

Rider Down---- car vs. bike

I did not know Aaron Ryan well
we knew each other from the parking lot at local races
we shared a number of mutual friends
we rode and raced on the same set of trails

life cut short saddens me
especially when the death effects families with children

I hate to think that this death was caused by a car-bike conflict that could have been avoided

if you want to contribute. Checks to be made out to "Pavlina Ryan"
with a memo to "Ryan Children's Schoolarship Fund" Check can be mailed to

Pedal Shop LLC
C/O Pavi

932 Edwards Ferry Rd
Unit 72
Leesburg VA 20176



Di said...

I dated Aaron a long time ago...he was so wonderful..I had no idea he was killed. I told him not to ride that bike to work, but he never listened. He loved it so much. Much love and prayer to his wife and children. Dianna Jennings

gwadzilla said...

riding the bike was a big part of who he was...
what happened was a bit of a freak accident

I hope that Aaron's wife and kids are well
it must be tough for them without the husband and father around