here is a free guerrilla marketing effort...

DC summers can be hot!
DC summers can be hot and humid!

Water is Precious!
Hydration is Vital!

here is a free guerrilla marketing idea that pairs well with DC Waters DRINK TAP idea...
Stores Should Offer FREE WATER!
more specifically...
Bicycle Shops and Running Stores should offer FREE DRINKING WATER!

especially those shops that are on bicycle and running routes
there are a number of bicycle shops that border the Capital Crescent Trail
these shops would do well to offer FREE WATER STATIONS
a sign on the trail and then a WATER STATION outside their shop
some people would stop and fill their water bottles and leave
while some people may stall for a minute to browse
the FREE WATER would bring attention to the store

this FREE WATER idea would be great all over town!
reusable water bottles... and FREE WATER!


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