a few snaps in Georgetown on our way to Pizza Paradiso

in high school I used to go down to Georgetown and skate those quarterpipes
then we would walk the crowded sidewalks and then go home

Little Tavern was a popular option on the way out
at that point in time there were two "Club Lts" to choose from
now Georgetown has none... in fact... is Little Tavern of a by-gone-day

Pizza Paradiso was where we ate
Geppetto's was where I wanted to go
it looked like Geppetto's was gone long ago
in fact... it looked like the location is changing hands again
we tried not to skate or hang out too late
understandably we got hassled and chased away

shortly after the era where that was part of my routine they put raised bricks
again.... understandably
but a total bummer and an outrage to a teenager
very much has changed as far as the store fronts go in Georgetown
out with the old and in with the new
change is not always for the better

this is the shortcut that Kevin Costner took in No Way Out to get to the Georgetown Metro

M Street in Georgetown
although I have not seen the Cupcake shows.... I can see the cupcake stores and the lines in front of them
that is why some of the old is out and the new is in.... I can not explain it
but that is working right now
record stores and magazine stores no longer have a place on this stretch of M Street

what is the closest Surplus Store?
there used to be several surplus stores downtown

I wonder where Derwin bought his gear?
I knew he shopped for books at Second Story

in grade school I remember riding my bicycle downtown to Commander Salamander to buy sunglasses... they had some sweet wrap around sunglasses
not sure if they had much else
I used to go in and snatch some free buttons because they were free and always changing
but never bought much more than an occasional pair of sunglasses

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