I missed the photo op... maybe this afternoon


this is funny...
I had not realized this development

Kwame Brown is now cruising in STYLE!

this morning as I dropped my kids off at school I saw DC Council Member Kwame Brown dropping off his kids (or is that kid) at school as well

what was funny was I had seen this old postal Jeep at school drop offs and pick ups
the kids had taken notice how cool this car is
but never did I realize that this is Kwame Brown's new ride!

this is a step in the right direction
if DC were to be PROGRESSIVE maybe they would build on this idea
this is my thought

who has a DC Government "company car?"
what do they need this car for? how far are they driving?
assumable they are all DC residents
presumably they are all using these vehicles to get to and from work

this falls into my notion that we really have too much car
the SUV that seats 7... but normally delivers one person...
has the capacity to move faster than 100 miles per hour...
while carrying enough fuel to travel hundreds of miles...
when really... all that these people would need would be a vehicle that can travel less than 10 miles each way on roads where the speed limit is 25-40MPH
even I-295 is 40MPH!
a glorified GOLF CART would really do the trick
not a Prius... but an actual electric vehicle... not a full sized car... but something more practical!

maybe Vince Gray can prove to the city that he is not a "throwback" but rather a progressive thinker by moving his company vehicles away from the gas guzzling SUVs to a more practical electric vehicle!

image from here... that is not Kwame Brown!


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Yokota Fritz said...

In college I had a Toyota microvan that my dad brought over from Japan. That means steering on the right side of the van. Small 1.6L engine (same 2TC engine in the old late 70s Corolla) was perfect for that little van. My dog sat in the "drivers" seat and really freaked people out.

gwadzilla said...

I wonder how the Jeep compares with gas mileage... http://dcist.com/2011/06/kwame_brown_throws_his_kids_under_t.php