Scott Pilgrim Versus the World

yes... I am aware that this movie is not new to this world
but it is new to me
and well... that is what matters to me
no... I was not aware of the graphic novel or the animated series
all that is foreign to me

oh man... oh man...
this is a film that can be watched again and again
as so much is happening some things are missed the first time around
subtle things... clever things

very entertaining
Heathers-esque entertaining
perhaps Moulon Rouge type of entertaining
Nintendo entertaining

but what do I know...
I just know that I dug it
and will enjoy watching it again
and then maybe again

was listening to the BASS BATTLE
it is like a 20-teens Devil Went Down to Georgia
or maybe an urban hipster dueling banjos

see this movie
don't watch a trailer
don't ruin the surprise
just watch it and let it unfold

going to check out the movie site proper
but it you have not seen the film... avoid trailers... avoid teasers... do not blow the unknown


Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

love that movie

gwadzilla said...

it is interesting that there were no urban hipsters on bikes... maybe it was better that way

it was already complex enough as it was