See-I at the Black Cat

last night the kids spent the night at their grandmother's so that Lisa and I could get out on the town

the agenda for the evening to was to catch the CD release party of SEE-I at The Black Cat
with the late start of the headline act we had plenty of time to get dinner while out on the town

Lisa and I braved the heat on the bikes
only to arrive to find both the restaurant of our choice and The Black Cat to be refrigerator cool

currently in a slump with my photography I traveled without the camera

yes... traveling without the camera
feeling a little burned out with living life with a camera slung around my neck

the legs were a little tired from the Liberty Jamboree Single Speed stage race that was held earlier that day which had my time on the dance floor more of a groove than an all out attack

good times for sure
fantastic music
good gathering of friends
always fun to get out with my wife Lisa

the band had an alternate line up due to some conflicts with both the bass player and the drummer... and no replacement for the horn section
it grooved and it flowed without anyone but the true hardcore See-I fans noticing the alternate line up


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