standard logic... failed logic... flawed logic... selfish logic

it is how people think...
I see it in the way people drive
I see it in the way that the car commercials push their product
it is part of the modern every day

cars would sooner swerve than slow or stop
a car driver would rather hit a cyclist than risk scratching or denting their car
car drivers do not slow for pedestrians or cyclists... yet they slow for pot holes or debris in the road that could risk damage to their vehicle

I see this all the time on the bike and even as a pedestrian
but this is the first time I have seen this in The Tour de France
car swerves to avoid tree and takes out cyclists on YOUTUBE

this "accident" was entirely avoidable
it is metaphorical for the "everyday" situation
how a car driver make take a senseless risk to get ahead of a cyclist or pedestrian without taking all the variables into account... without making sure things are free and clear

what do you think should happen to the driver of this car?

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Kieran Rafter said...

I think the car driver should firstly apologise and pay for any treatment costs that were incurred,secondly prioritize or work on his decision making abilities and lastly be subject to commuting to work on a bicycle for a year. I think that should do it.