I was hesitant...

down at the beach "shopping" is part of the adventure
just as we play in the surf... we play in the arcade... we also shop!
the boys are each given 20 dollars for shopping
then on top of that... somehow I find myself buying random stuff outside their 20 dollar shopping allowance
then on top of that... the boys have their own money and are permitted to shop with that as well

I will guide them... but I try not to make decisions for them
what I think is a good toy is from an adult perspective
it something is crap... that may be the lesson
I will voice my opinion but allow the purchase

I like to dissuade the immediate purchase
as in the case of the beach
I will delay the purchase
if they really want it... they can get it later
whether it is my money or their money.... sometimes I like to make them wait

on this trip we got Hermit Crabs and Buckyballs
this on top of our wave board upgrades... the boys moved from crazy low end wave boards to slightly higher low end wave boards
the Hermit Crabs were inexpensive and are quasi educational
the Buckyballs? it seemed like 35 dollars was a tad expensive for a handful of magnets


we waited and 10 year old Dean was still intent on getting the Buckyballs before we left from the beach
so... after we were showered and dressed we made a loop to leave
we got a bag full of sand from the beach for the Hermit Crab cage
we got some fudge for mom and some caramel corn for the drive
then we got the Buckeyballs... the Buckeyballs and the Weaselball
both purchased by Dean
Buckeyballs for himself and the Weaselball he bought for his brother

getting into the car Dean opened the package
Dean told me I was right about the Buckeyballs not being such a good purchase
not far into the drive Dean reversed his decision
again... quasi educational... somewhat mathmatical!
definitely fun and interesting

we have already lost some... we already want more!

now if I could only find the Hermit Crab instructions and food... I think those guys need to eat!

NANO DOTS are another name for these wonderful yet overpriced magnetic balls

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