this image is a bit dated
there was a time when I dabbled in collages

snapped this set of shots of Eric Roman at Greenbrier... the Maryland NORBA Mountain Bike State Championships

not a bad set of shots of Eric Roman
Eric Roman on Gwadzilla

some nice images and stories surfacing on this FACEBOOK Page
DC Messengers Then and Now

Eric Roman was the King of the Couriers
but also was strong in bringing the Single Speed to the mountain bike community
now the Single Speed is common place
I remember questioning Asgede about his single speed early on... he gave me the "if you don't get it you don't get it"
then I got it
which had me understanding... "if you have to ask... you'll never know:
I remember racing at Wye Mills in the Clydesdale... then after my race getting on the line with the Sport Class... which may have been the next class... on my Bontrager influenced single speed conversion... the number was from another class... I pulled off early in the last lap so I did not get any confusion when I they took numbers at the finish

Eric Roman... not only is he a talented rider and a knowledgeable mechanic
Roman is also an artist with the camera

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