another post started and not finished
it may not be worth posting
I may not want to post
this post like many posts reveals that I am imperfect
yes... it is true... I AM FLAWED

read on if you will
ignore it if you wish to do so

yesterday headed back from school with the kids in the car we took the direct route home
we did not stop at the park
we did not pass GO... we did not collect 200 dollars
bikes were not ridden because I feared it would be raining in the afternoon
it had rained in the morning and was pretty much clear when the kids got out

we drove the short drive across town
as we motored forward I asked the requisite questions...
"how was your day?"
"what did you learn?
okay... I try to be more creative than that
but the questions are as dull as the answers

specific questions get specific answers
but really... these are topics for parents not for children

we meandered through the neighborhoods then onto the main roads
through the green light and across the intersection
simple and plain... if I have a GREEN than the logic would say that other cars have the red and the pedestrians have the DON'T WALK signal
as I approached the tail end of the intersection I saw a man crossing the street
he had his headphones on and was moving along

I had the GREEN and the left turn lane to my left had the GREEN TURN ARROW
on coming traffic had the RED
and the pedestrian had the DON'T WALK
so... in an effort to get where I am going while also being considerate to the line of cars behind me I continued forward
as I passed the headphone wearing pedestrian I got THE BIRD


I was not moving fast... which made stopping the car easy enough
I stopped the car and got out
SHOUTED... in an effort to let him know
you may be arrogant when you are right
but you should be humble when you are wrong
and you my friend... are WRONG!

both the crossing the street and flipping me off!


in this case... more than likely both

I admit my action was an over reaction...
sometimes I can be a bit of an over emotional idiotic asshole

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