I need to practice... no one gets better without practice

a few shots snapped by my 7 year old son Grant

the unicycle is coming along for me
but I must admit... my ten year old son Dean is leaps and bounds ahead of me
I need something to lean on to start and I can not turn
while Dean can start anywhere without assistance and can unicycle circles around me!


ycycle said...

I started in my grandparents basement because I could reach the ceiling.
Then I used the curb to help me bump up on the seat and eventually I was a pro...
Now I bet I'm not...haven't pumped the tires in decades.
You look pretty good up there.
And the kid takes good pix.

gwadzilla said...

my son also took those photos... he also took some close ups... which I deleted... it was what he was trying to shoot

when I asked him if he got the shot he said "yes... I also took a few shots of your penis"

ycycle said...

That's funny. AND he's a comedian. Quite the talent you are raising :)

gwadzilla said...

my kids... any kids... kids can be funny