I think I will let my membership lapse...

Greg Webb on a DC Smart Bike
DC Smart Bike... the precursor to Capital Bike Share

Gwadzilla mention of Capital Bike Share
Gwadzilla mention of DC Smart Bike

the system must work... but it has not worked for me
I love seeing all the Capital Bike Share Bikes rolling around... but somehow... I am not sure... but this system never worked for me

my Capital Bike Share membership is about to run out and I do not plan to renew it
as much as I love Capital Bike Share... I do not think that Capital Bike Share is for me
the Capital Bike Share system has failed me the majority of times I have tried to use it
the combination of empty bike share stations when I am looking for a bike along with filled bicycle stations when I am trying to drop the bike off... well...
it is frustrating beyond the point of failure

this is no exaggeration
this is not an effort to bash the system
this is just a simple reality
within the last week Capital Bike Share FAILED me...
then when I really needed it... Capital Bike Share TOTALLY FAILED ME!
even with 30 minutes of leeway and the SPOT CYCLE APP in hand I was not able to drop my bike off in time to make a meeting on time a few months back... I was forced to park a number of bike share stations away from my destination and then hustle at such a pace that I was soaked in sweat when I arrived to my destination

will I renew my membership in the future?

I may...
but right now... I think I will just ride my own bike

then this

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dcdouglas said...

I think I'm with you for similar reasons. I love CaBi. Fought NIMBYism in my neighborhood to expand the system. Everyone who knows me as "the bike guy" always assumes I'm a huge supporter and user of CaBi.

Put me down for supporter, but I've never used it once.

I have my own bikes to ride.