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another rant started
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I will publish and post with our proof reading
SAVING the draft removed my RETURNS
making one massive punctuationless paragraph

oh well...

yesterday after school I took the boys to the park around the corner from their school
a number of kids from my boys' respective classes go to this park after school which means... they want to go to the park after school the play at the park is often less than structured which is fine... the kids need "free play" especially after a day in school where they are adhering or hopefully adhering to the direction of their teachers and the structure of their school well... I sometimes have a hard time with the "free play" it does not always seem productive it never seems to be building towards anythings so... I often bring a ball or a game and lead an activity yesterday I brought my red playground ball... which is blue a few times a week I bring this ball and try to rally the kids into a game of kickball we arrive at the park... I give the boys some space... let them run around with their friends... try to get them to eat a snack... then after they have had a little wild unstructured time I walk around and invite some kids to play kickball it is usually the same kids some of the kids say "no"... I try to persuade them... some of the kids interested in playing try to persuade them I do not get to persuasive with the kids I fear will drop out half way through the game we get a handful of kids a bunch my older son's age and only a few my younger son's age I split teams and take the mound as permanent pitcher I try to pitch fair and I try to play fair if it is a pop fly and I can catch it I will if I can field the ball and make the play to first base or the force out to second I will our game goes pretty well we play a few fast innings each team gets some "fair ups" then we call it a day we had a good game and I can see that some parents are ready to snag their kids and there are other kids want to do some other stuff before their day is up so... after the last few kickers we go back to "free play" I go back to the picnic bench and scavenge a snack from what my boys have not eaten there are still a few plums and a Capri Sun... PERFECT! knowing that I could use some water I grab my water bottle off my bike and go to the water fountain on my way back there is a mother YELLING and SCREAMING at some kids I maintain my trajectory and I walk between her and the kids as I pass I try to pick up the basic gist she is yelling about SPITTING AND PUSHING she is saying that it is a basic rule that these things are unacceptable as I pass her I notice her red face and the veins on her neck then I notice that my younger son Grant is one of the kids she is yelling at I continue on my way if my son is misbehaving if my son is doing something inappropriate well... I do not have issue with another parent stepping in if I saw a kid wielding a stick or about to throw a rock at another child I would step in and try to stop it back at the picnic bench away from the action away from all the moms and nannies I watched this woman was still shouting at this group of kids my son Grant sat listening then another mother moved towards Grant and told him that he needed to apologized I watched at seven year old Grant held his ground simple and plain with no emotion I heard Grant respond, "I did not do anything... I did not spit on anyone." hmmm... all this yelling at my son? and he was not involved? I thought about this... and did not think long in my mind I thought... if Grant had been pushing someone or spitting on someone he would no lie and say that he had not he would have told them WHY he had spit or pushed maybe because they had spit on him or because they had pushed him a few minutes later Grant was walking towards the swing set I called him over and asked him if he had been involved in the spitting and pushing he said no... which was fine with me I gave him a hug and tried to contain myself it seemed ironic this woman... this woman with her thought to guide appropriate or inappropriate behavior did she apologize for her INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR? she not only falsely accused my son... but reprimanded him in a way that was above and beyond shouldn't she be saying "I am sorry?" dropping the boys off at school this morning I saw this woman I have seen her before I have heard her with her kids never heard her yell at them not sure why she felt so comfortable yelling at mine thought about talking to her... but did not think it would go well tonight is back to school night if she wants to discuss it I will know if I feel any sort of energy from her... I will approach her

I do not disagree with her premise
spitting and pushing are not acceptable
I do not disagree with another parent trying to correct the misbehavior of another child in the park
but her hysterical behavior was over the top and unfounded
luckily my son Grant was secure in his position and unfazed by her behavior... her misbehavior

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