one lane bridge...

another post going up unfinished...
since this day I have been back to this TEMPORARY ONE LANE BRIDGE
the "sight lines" are less than perfect
even if a person is looking to see if it is clear and their turn it is not so easy
I need to cut the idiots and assholes a little slack

Idiots and Assholes.

I am sorry...
it seems that things break down to one or the other
idiots... or assholes

the one lane bridge is something that reveals this

there was some road damage to a road near my house
they repaired the road with a temporary one lane bridge
there are some restrictions to one way in either direction at different times of the day during Rush Hour
while it is two way all other times
two way with Stop Signs on each side

well... the two way stop like the four way stop involves very simple logic
as simple as... everyone gets their turn
you take your turn... but first... you wait your turn
well... people are a either idiots or assholes

because somehow... people are unable to express the most simple and civilized action as waiting their turn and giving others their turn

this evening while driving down this road I approached the one lane bridge
as we approached my younger son Grant expressed how he would like this to be a two lane bridge
then I stepped in on a diatribe about how cooperation is good for culture
how having people behave appropriate and doing the right thing is good for them and good for society as a whole

one car was in front of us
we pulled in behind them
the waited
the cars on the other side were stopped... the cars were stopped waiting for the car in front of us to move forward
the cars waited... the car in front of me took their turn

I waited... it was my turn to move next...
the order gave me pleasure
then it happened... the car on the other side started in after the car in front of me finished their turn crossing the one lane bridge
then it happened... it happened and I snapped

the car coming the opposite direction took their turn
behind them came two additional cars... OUT OF TURN... DURING MY TURN
they had no time to make a complete stop... they just followed the car in front of them

Idiots or Assholes?
are they too dumb to know how stop at a stop sign?
are they too selfish to care about others and their turn?

the second car in line was a white Mercedes sports car with Florida tags... as the cars passed I could smell the cheese.. Velveta.. pure Velveta!

as they approached I started in across the double yellow line... they were in my way... it was too late for me to try start the cross
my action was an obnoxious effort
they swerved out of the way...

then the next car...
a pick up truck with some weird wooden apparatus on the back
they did not have a clue
they were dumbfounded by my car in front of them

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