proper attire

it may not be required... but I was in proper attire for dinner last night

for our last night in Santa Fe we wet to Cowgirl BBQ

Cowgirl BBQ

it had been recommended by another guest at the Bishop's Lodge
Bishop's Lodge

I knew that there would be a wait at Cowgirl BBQ but also knew that it would be worth the wait
what I did not know was that the Cowgirl BBQ had a play area in the back of the restaurant for
the kids
so... when we arrived we got on the list for our party of 10 with its party of six kids under 12 took to the back room

in the back room there was a rustic jungle gym... a couple of chalk boards with plenty of chalk for drawing... and a ball toss game

all the activities kept the kids entertained
while the parents each relaxed with a drink in hand

ah... margarita for me... beers for everyone else
before we were done with the back room I had drawn on all three chalk boards

we waited for outdoor seating so that we could catch the band
the band was late to set up and late to get started
we were out the door before they had done anything more than a soundcheck

which was no worry

we were plenty entertained with the food when it arrived

I wore my new cowboy shirt purchase that I got at Kowboyz just down the street

Kowboyz is an amazing store with its seemingly endless selection of used Cowboy boots
but I felt like a bit of a sucker getting drawn in by the sign that read "10 Dollar Cowboy Shirts"
when I left buying a shirt for 95 bucks
oh well... it is cool

it may be worth it

I like the shirt... so it is worth it

the shots of the sky are with my iPhone shot from the moving car as we took the short drive into town
the shots in the mirror are of me in the bathroom
some better shots would have been of the waitresses in their "Cowgirl attire" but... somehow I dropped the ball on that one
that or... I did not want to get in trouble with my wife or the wait staff

the food was excellent
and the atmosphere was beyond excellent
Santa Fe has no shortage of wonderful places to eat
Cowgirl BBQ definitely ranks high on the list of places to go

Cowgirl BBQ
live music... excellent food... drinks... drinks... and more drinks
then of course the children's play area in the back

Scully Cowboy Shirts

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