earthquake earlier this week...
hurricane rolling towards the coast now...

my wife Lisa took the boys to school today
as we rallied the troops she asked about the bikes
the weather is calling for rain in the afternoon
the bikes may or may not happen

maybe I will drop the bikes off when I go to the grocery store

rain just started... but it is sunny outside


Raymo853 said...

Do you consider taking such photos a violation of these people's privacy?

gwadzilla said...

no... I don't
if people do not want their photo taken they can say so
I have deleted a number of photos after taking them

in short...
the photos are a document of the moment
not always just that person
but a person in the city at that moment in time

sometimes I ask
sometimes I just snap
if I get in close it is usually after asking to take the photo

it is tough to get a candid shot by asking first

I try to be respectful of people

but we must remember... by going into public places we sacrifice a certain degree of privacy

gwadzilla said...


although I have not tried to take any real numbers...

for every one person who is angered there are a thousand people who are stoked