ah... to build a better mouse trap

it is man's goal to build a better mouse trap
not just a different mouse trap
but a BETTER mouse trap

is that SRAM's goal as well?
is SRAM trying to innovate better components?
or is SRAM just trying to be DIFFERENT?

recently my wife bought a righteous new bike
it is super sweet
it is super slick
except for one thing... this SRAM double click

double click?

double click is harder to use and more difficult to work on
so... why?

is this an effort to build a better mouse trap
or just an effort to be different
did the engineers at SRAM sit in a board room and say... WE NEED TO BE BETTER THAN SHIMANO!
did they sit in the board room and say WE NEED TO BE DIFFERENT THAN SHIMANO

I like it when I do not know what I am running... SHIMANO-SUN TOUR-OR SRAM
I do not care if it is different... I WANT IT TO WORK
not so sure that this DOUBLE CLICK SHIFT SYSTEM works!

pART Project


nathan shearer said...

I had similar feeling about the sram double tap at first. It was trial by fire and after 200 miles of racing on it at TdB, having never ridden it before, it seems easier.

gwadzilla said...

I guess we just need to have them set up right...

turned out there was a cabled that somehow got twisted inside the housing

need to swap that cable that has been removed

then get things working

yes... I am hearing that people love the SRAM Double Tap technology