DC-CHIX: DCMTB's Cyclocross Clinics at Fort Reno

DC-CHIX: DCMTB's Cyclocross Clinics at Fort Reno Park in NW Washington DC

Last night DCMTB, the grassroots mountain bike team that hosts DCCX the only cyclocross race in The District, held a Women's Specific Cyclocross Clinic at Fort Reno Park in Northwest Washington DC

Arley Kemmerer of Team C3 returned again this year to instruct the women's clinic.

Arley on the Gwadzilla Page

The evenings clinic covered the cyclocross basics for a cast of participants that included a handful of beginners, some seasoned veterans, and a handful of road racers dabbling in cyclocross.

Drills for the day involved dismount-remount with barriers, cornering at speed, dismount and carry on hills, and basic racing strategies (ie. sprinting from the start)
There were discussions on tire pressure and other cross specific bicycle ideas. All in all... the basic introduction to cyclocross and cyclocross racing.

The clinic appeared to be well received as it
seemed that most of the participants were smiling through their workouts.

Next week DCMTB's Cyclocross Clinic at Fort Reno Park will not be Women Only, but women are invited to participate. There will be one more DC-CHIX: Women Specific cyclocross clinic hosted by DCMTB the day prior to DCCX on the grounds at The Armed Forces Retirement Home (aka The Old Soldier's Home aka the race site for DCCX.) Alrey will be instructing on that day as well.




registration for DCCX should be up in the next week or so

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