a gleener's paradise

Chevy Chase and their bi-annual Trash or Treasure...
or in actuality
Chevy Chase's bulk trash pick up
but to people like me... TRASH OR TREASURE!

this morning I took a short ride before work

on this ride I bisected Chevy Chase DC and then Chevy Chase Maryland
as I cut through a neighborhood that I am familiar with from childhood I was greeted by all sorts of eye candy

on the sidewalk right by the street people had put out all sorts of bulk trash for pick up
as I pedaled through the morning rain I scanned for hidden treasures

I looked for guitar necks and surfboard fins
and of course bicycles and bicycle parts

sure enough... there were bicycle tires leaned against various items
lots of old televisions and lots of collapsible camping chairs

as much as I wanted to meander through the streets of Chevy Chase to see if I could find a diamond in the rough I knew I had to make my way into work
but... just before I exited the neighborhood
I found something
a skateboard with three wheels... not perfect... but good enough
really... I have a few decks and some spare wheels
so the trucks of this GT Skateboard will serve we well enough!

not major bonus
not a major score
but nice just the same

wish I had known that Trash of Treasure was this weekend past
as we all know that it is the early bird who gets the worm

some rants on the topic of TRASH OR TREASURE


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