raining in DC... the sun is shining over Crofton Maryland

my wife Lisa is headed to Crofton Maryland to test ride some bikes at The Family Bike Shop

The Family Bike Shop

the bike rack is on the back of Lisa's VW Passatt
I think she will be coming home with a bicycle today!

the cyclocross bicycle seemed to be her bike of choice
more specifically a women's specific cyclocross bike from Giant

the cyclocross bike is a little more flexible with its options than the proper road bike
yet still having plenty of road riding potential
while also allowing for local rides that could involve the family
such as the C&O Canal or by the Smithsonian on The National Mall

above photo from Poland in the spring
that shot is of my younger son Grant
passive resistance

this was the moment where I accepted... enough is enough... time to loop back
it was fun bicycle riding around Krakow


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