Bike Week

Bike Week 2012

Bike Week... not my kind of bike... not my kind of week

in 1989 I took a Spring Break Road Trip to Florida where we passed through Daytona for a few days
just happening to correspond with Bike Week 1989

it was an interesting scene
but I think that the percentage of dentists on Harleys was lower then

I got a kick out of the signs made by the bar owners... NO PASS OUTS!*
and then the signs made by the bikers... SHOW US YOUR TITS!**

*there were many "passouts" these people may have been too drunk to read the signs

**people with well worn cardboard signs that had been used before
some of these sign carrying individuals had Poloraid Cameras and were snapping shots and keeping a scrap book of their adventures
after all... 1989 was pre-Internet!

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