Car Verus Bike... Why? Why does it have to be this way?

so it seems that the United States is not the only place experiencing growing pains associated with the increased number of cyclists on the roads using bicycles as transportation

Bikes' Revival Provokes Tension in Germany

also in Europe a sucessful traffic calming campaign!
NSFW... but worth a look and worth a laugh
okay... the video with its Benny Hill like appeal has been removed
if you find the link... share it in the comments section

a classic Gwadzilla Rant: War on MacArthur Boulevard


Mike Burda said...

Of all the things that you post, I think that your position on cars and bikes make the most sense. I am not ready to live on bike alone but I ride where I can. Many times it is faster and easier to ride than drive.

But as you also post, once you are on the bike, there is a bike versus car mentality. Due in most part to surviving as a cyclist. You will never hear of a story where a cyclist runs a car off the road.

Chris said...

I do a multi-modal commute - part in my car, and part on folding bike - and I think this whole car v bike thing is hopelessly silly. We're all just trying to go about our daily business, I don't see why my chosen method of transportation needs to be paramount in how I identify - although I also have to say, I do wish cars would be a little more respectful of cyclists in general...